Not Your Average Monday

I came to Jo’s Coffee Shop without a plan this morning.  I ordered my usual bean and cheese breakfast taco and was surprised when my barista leaned in to say in a hushed voice, “It’s on the house.”  Jo’s was now serving in-house made breakfast taco’s and as a regular I was given the opportunity to provide feedback on the change.  I took my responsibility seriously and took notes while I ate. The hot sauce was a little heavy on the acid and the beans were on the dry side.  I might not have noticed but I had years of Taco Deli to compare it to.

I delivered my critique without apology and my friends behind the counter didn’t seem surprised to hear it, so I ordered a Topo Chico and headed back to my table to get to work.  I looked around for inspiration and it wasn’t long until  a lady showed up with a squirrel in her purse.  It’s Austin, Texas.  This is only a minor oddity, but I made note.  It could be a writing prompt for a “what if” exercise in the future.

Still feeling Monday fog, I absently checked Facebook on my phone to find a post from a friend about finding frogs in her wren house under her grape arbor.  Suddenly, I’m transported back to the days when my sons were small and still obliged me bedtime stories.  Their little damp heads fresh from bath-time nestled against my shoulders as we read Frog and Toad.  What if Frog and Toad moved into a wren house?  What conversation led to them even making the attempt to get up there?  Thanks for the inspiration, Kate.

Frogs in a Wren House

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